1 Νοε 2019 - 30 Απρ 2022

The project is aimed primarily at supporting the promotion of vocational education and training. It will seek to motivate young people to learn a profession, inspire an excellence in skills and introduce youth to a variety of skilled careers available on the labour market through participating in national skills competitions. The project will be particularly devoted to preparation of an organisational model of the national skills competition in the construction industry, which will not only promote the power of skills but it will also serve as means to select national champions to compete in the international EuroSkills competition - a spectacular promotion of the professions, held every two years in one of the WorldSkills Europe member states.

The partnership will seek to develop, transfer and implement innovative practices, as well as joint initiatives promoting cooperation and exchange of experience at the European level by promoting skills competitions as instruments to innovate vocational education programs in order to meet the European needs of today.

Diverse institutions form the partnership will enable to share different experiences and specific expertise and achieve high quality results through the transfer and the exchange of information and best practices regarding the development of a common model of the national skills competition in construction industry. WeRskills project consortium was properly selected and includes 5 institutions from 3 countries: Poland (PL), Hungary (HU), and Cyprus (CY). Partners have been chosen according to the project's aims and the expertise needed. They represent different culture and traditions of vocational education, construction industry as well as assure geographical diversity of the partnership.
The results of the project will have a contribution to the development of skills and qualifications of young people who will pursue technical and technological professions towards a sked career and future. The results are primarily directed to national skills organisations, training organisations and
educational institutions, young employees and entrepreneurs in construction sector, construction industry producers and employers’ associations, VET students, teachers and trainers, and local and central authorities responsible for vocational education and training.

Planned results/products of the project are:
1) Report on the identification of good practices related to the organisation of national skills competitions in partner countries on the basis of the construction industry
2) Skills tests for construction and building technology including assessment criteria, and expert/trainer requirements designed for national skills competition
3) National skills competition pilot testing activity in Poland
4) Best Practices Guide with advice on preparation of experts and competitors for international skills competitions
5) E-platform for the exchange of knowledge, experience and good practices among the national skills organisations, competitors, skills experts and businesses involved in national skills

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