i-Career :Integrated training programme package for VET students


1 Φεβ 2022 - 31 Ιαν 2024

i-Career is an European social innovation project that aims to transfer, adapt and implement an intergraded training programme (material and methodologies) in order to develop VET schools pupils soft skills and, at the same time, contribute do diminish the gap between skills in demand in the labor market and the skills offered by VET education.

The i-Career website together with the i-Career books are products for achievement of the project aim through conduction of training course for VET students using the help of consultants and jobseekers. The course will focus on the following problems: too specific qualification that do not meet the demands of the current labour market, lack of self-awareness, lack of awareness of the opportunities, lack of work ethics, lack of persistence, low self-esteem, emotional problems, lack of soft skills, like communication skills, problem solving, decision making, learning skills etc.

This ambitious programme will been developed to enhance the opportunities of both:

1) vocational school students wishing to find employment after school and

2) counsellors alike in order to successfully compete in increasingly competitive job markets in Europe and beyond.

The project will contribute to the achievement of many INTANGIBLE RESULTS:

• Improved VET schools staff

• Exchange of know-how and good practices: all partners come from different countries, professional fields and will exchange ideas and experience that will be useful in their work

• Improved organizational capacity: by implementing project activities, partners will improve their organisational skills and gain valuable experience for organisation of future large-scale initiatives and events,

• Extended partnership network: Through the implementation of the project, all partners will work together with stakeholders at national and EU level, leading to new and sustainable partnerships that can result in beneficial joint initiatives in the future

• Experience in cooperation with different types of institutions: the diversified consortium (VET schools, local authorities, private companies) will strengthen the ability of education institutions to cooperate and communicate with business unions and private companies for the execution of common initiatives.

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