Opp4Youth:Development opportunities for youth workers by implementing the innovative methods for learning


1 Φεβ 2022 - 31 Δεκ 2023

Youth workers play a significant role in the personal, socioeducational and professional development of youth. In fact, the EC’s common framework for the further development of youth work has identified that youth work can result in a range of positive effects for youth which enable them to enhance competences, reinforce their network and social capital and develop positive relationships. Yet, working with youth is not an easy task. It requires youth workers who continuously develop their competences, embrace and practice a life-long learning, strive to get qualified and better address the needs of the youth while also managing to keep their own personal-professional balance. All these underline the need to focus on the personal and professional development of the youth workers as a means to achieve better and sustainable impact on youth in general. The Youth unemployment rate in January 2021 in all partner countries was quite high, especially in Italy and Cyprus:  - there is a noticeable increase during the pandemic period in comparison to last year.

 In fact, the authors of the Youth Work Report conclude stating “There is an identifiable need for clear learning opportunities for youth workers as an essential part of professionalizing the delivery of youth work. Incomplete learning paths and a lack of identifiable routes of study and training compounds the problems of unstable working/volunteer conditions within the sector.” This project is designed to support the development of quality youth work in the participating countries

Opp4YOUth is a response to the demands of the labour market and youth workers. Increasing the competence of teachers working with a youth will directly affect the professional development of youth worker. In addition, the project will develop innovative tools to support teachers and the learning processes. On the other hand, increasing the skills of youth workers and the use of positive psychology will strengthen their position on the labour market and meet their professional ambitions. Staying on the labour market and cooperation with other young people will contribute to reducing unemployment in the European Union.


The objectives of the project are:

1. To reduce the gap between the personal and professional needs of the youth workers, towards more fulfilling careers in the youth field.

2. To develop innovative approaches (methodologies, digital tools and practices) for personal and professional development of the youth workers for better serving the youth in general and disadvantaged youth in particular.

3. To use innovative approaches (positive psychology, education and eco-centric development) in professionalization of youth workers and to adapt this approaches for better services of disadvantaged youth.

 4. To increase the on-going support and lifelong learning for the personal and professional development of the youth workers)




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