HoReCa4VET - Market qualifications - a signpost for minimizing competence gaps between education and the labour market in the HoReCa sector


1 Οκτ 2020 - 30 Ιουν 2023

The main goal of the HoReCa4VET project is to increase access to lifelong learning of formal, informal and non-formal nature in the HoReCa industry by developing and implementing validation and certification models in accordance to European Qualifications Framework.

The idea of the project development has appeared in 2019 after submission of three market qualifications: Creating flavors, decorating dishes; Kitchen work management and management in the HORECA industry into Integrated Qualifications Register. The previous project was realized by the project partner EVACO. The assumption was better adaptation of employees' competences to the current needs of entrepreneurs from the hotel and catering industry.

The partnership of the project decided that the main objective of will be further development of the educational materials with the aspects of the validation and certification model with the use of e-platform and development of course materials and educational packages. The development of the procedural solutions of validation and certification of qualification will introduce innovative aspect of the project. The project is in line with the objectives and assumptions of VET and all activities related to minimizing the differences between vocational education and the labour market are treated as priorities. The results will be compiled in 6 language versions: PL, EN, GR, ES, TR and MK. All the foreseen results will contribute to improving the quality of vocational education and training and increasing the use of modernized content, tools and resources supporting the vocational education process. The activities will contribute to the use of modernized content, tools and resources supporting the process of VET.

Entities belonging to the HoReCa industry undertake activities related to market monitoring and then rapid response to the skills mismatch. There is a need of constantly following of the changes and adjustment the offer to the labour market needs, especially in terms of staff competences. Lack of practical skills and experience in the profession does not allow to become a potential job candidate, frequently having insufficient preparation to perform practical professional tasks.

The HoReCa4VET project will contribute to the identification of learning outcomes in the framework of identified learning outcomes by employers based on current market demand, as additional professional skills in the European dimension, which can be acquired in three qualifications as part of the project.

The qualifications developed in the project may complement the skills acquired as part of formal and non-formal education, as it is a response to the needs of the labour market ientified in the conducted research. Confirmed qualification will provide employers with qualified staff and will enable employees to be employed on the labor market. The developed results will also constitute a study for working people who do not have confirmed qualifications. They can also be a starting point necessary to start a career and promotion.

The developed validation and certification model will be the material necessary for the development of future courses and training programs and will be a catalog of skills for people who want to develop and acquire and confirm qualifications, as well as a set of skills that can be confirmed in non-formal education. The target group of the project includes mainly persons conducting or interested in conducting training in HoReCa. Additional the target group composed of VET institutions, employees of enterprises, employees of institutions occupying with development, validation and confirmation of professional qualifications and competences, sectoral and local governmental organisations, HR specialists, professional and personal advisers will extends the offer of high quality learning opportunities.

The new solutions will positively affect the lifelong learning process, raise the level of competence and qualifications, and also corresponds to the directions of intervention indicated in the EU strategies connected to the improvement of the quality of training and development of the creativity and innovation of learners, better matching training professional to economic and social needs and requirements of the labor market, popularizing adult learning and better matching adult training to socio-economic needs, developing the national qualifications system and the validation system.

The project consortium is composed of EU participants actively involved in the field of VET. The partners were chosen to ensure a range of different VET and adult learning contexts and their skills and competences will contribute to the delivery of the project. The project accomplished in cooperation with the partners from Cyprus, Poland, Spain, The Republic of North Macedonia and Turkey creates great opportunities to promote vocational qualification transparency agreed with appropriate authorities and social partners.

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